Justice Nixon

Justice is an actor and model.

I’m from a small town in Georgia called conyers. Overall it’s quiet and where people go to retire usually. I left highschool at 16 and was placed in homeschooled not really knowing what i wanted to do with the rest of my life.

My passion for acting grew in 2021 when I was doing extra work. On my next job, a fellow extra on set recommended me to Audit a class at Nick Conti’s Professional actors studio. Jeff Cole, my former instructor who teaches Uta Hagen method acting, helped me grow and mold my voice. Another instructor that I was glad to learn under is Rick Andosca.

Before I was numb and had my guard up, but overtime while studying Meisner under Rick I became more emotionally available and lived in the moment. Currently I’m taking classes at Acts of Freedom. Malik Ali who instructs me breaks down scripts in a way I’ve never seen.

I get embarrassed at times when he points out the obvious. My happiest opportunity was being in a Nike jordan commercial that I’ve had a chance to model as well.